WiFi and Networking

The idea is simple—delivering a reliable product that keeps you connected for all your needs.

Berman Home Systems approach to WiFi is to build robust, hardwired multi-point systems designed to effortlessly handle wireless traffic while ensuring anything with an Ethernet jack is hardwired.

Residential WiFi systems have come a long way. In the past, to boost signal, you’d add a second router with a separate network name, manually connecting devices as you moved. Today, we’re installing advanced multi-point systems that create a unified network. As you move within your home, our system seamlessly switches your device to the nearest wireless access point.

BHS Rack WiFi & Networking

What sets our system apart

All our wireless access points (WAPs) are hardwired to the router, ensuring they push out a consistent, organic signal. A highlight is our weatherproof outdoor WAP, extending a strong WiFi signal across your entire outdoor living space. We’ll eliminate dead zones and weak signal issues—ensuring a strong, reliable, and seamless network experience.

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