New Construction

Building or renovating a home? Let us help.

In the realm of new construction, we take a strategic approach to ensure the integration of security, audio/video, networking, and surveillance systems.

Collaborative from the start

During an early site visit, we collaborate with homeowners, designers, and builders to determine optimal wiring and system component locations, ensuring your requirements align with the architectural design.

New Construction

We coordinate with your builder in the initial rough build phase

This allows us to execute the wiring plan efficiently,  strategically placing wires in walls, ceilings, and floors. This early-stage installation prepares your home for seamless integration of current and future technology.

Our technicians run wiring bundles from designated endpoints to the head end location, creating a clean and organized infrastructure that supports your technology needs.

Throughout the construction project, we’ll periodically visit the site, liaising with contractors to ensure no details are overlooked.

As the home nears completion, we install final components such as TVs, speakers, cameras, security systems, Wi-Fi infrastructure, and automated lighting systems.

By collaborating in the initial rough build phase, we lay the foundation for a seamlessly integrated smart home. Berman Home Systems’ careful planning, coordination with builders, and expert installation guarantee your new construction effortlessly incorporates technology, delivering a modern, efficient, and customized living experience from the start.

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